Q1: Is the loss of beach/sand seasonal?

Answer: Yes, during the winter months shifting currents caused by large waves driven by north swells, combined with *King Tides, take large sections of sand that can leave beaches with exposed rocks and reduced beach front. During the summer months, where the ocean tends to be calmer, the sand slowly returns. The ebb and flow of the sand is cyclical and happens every year in varying degrees.

Q2: What can we do to protect our property from ocean inundation should we experience larger waves and higher tides?

Answer: Because of DLNR’s restrictions on what can and cannot be done on the ocean side of the beach walk, presently our one in-house measure would be to utilize sand bags as a barrier to stop water from entering our property. The Whaler has a rock wall on the mountain side of the beach walk that also acts as a barrier and will help stop water from entering the property.

Q3: What did KBH do, next door, to protect their sidewalk and remediate the loss of beach?

Answer: KBH applied sand mattresses that were anchored to the mountain side of the beach walk.

Q4: What is the status of the beach replenishment project for Ka’anapali?

Answer: Currently KOA has a tentative timeline to be executed in 2019. Their plan is to dredge sand from a sand bar located off shore. Sand will be placed on barges and transported to Ka’anapali Beach.

*King Tides: Non-scientific term for exceptionally high tides.

Answer Posted 5/09/18
AOAO Management