We will be starting to build a parking lot, a new driveway, and loading dock area re-surface on April 13, 2015. With a little luck, it may be completed sooner than originally projected, but we will continue to project it to be a 60 day project. Subject to change, we are likely to build the lot first, then open it while simultaneously closing the underground garage while we rebuild/pave the driveway and loading dock area. The driveway will take either one week, or two weeks, depending upon the method we use for the reconstruction and what our budget allows.

The lobby renovation will not begin in August 2015 as discussed during the March meeting. Necessary permitting, design plans, and bidding do not a allow the time required to secure the long lead materials required for the job. Therefore, we have examined the annual calendar to select times that will be the least disruptive to peak periods at the Whaler to commence a 6 to 8 month project (the fitness center), and a 120 day project (lobby renovation). The best (perhaps only) 120 day calendar period to undertake the lobby construction project is from August 15 to December 15. We will use the December 15 end date for the fitness center as well, and reverse engineer a starting date for the fitness center to be approximately April 15, 2016 (the lobby will be started circa August 15, 2016). This will also allow us to pursue the same contractors for both projects, and to attempt to perform similar tasks on both jobs at the same time (e.g., roofs, doors, windows, flooring, etc.). This also will shorten 12 months of necessary construction at the Whaler on both projects to take place within 8 months (or less).