Q1: What are the DLNR rules for Beach Furniture and Cabanas?

Answer: A few weeks ago, you may have heard about the Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) placing a cease and desist order on the Whaler Pool Hale claiming failure to have a proper permit to rent out beach furniture and cabanas. The Whaler Pool Hale operations is contracted out to Maui Concierge Service (MCS) and they provide beach activity and furniture rentals as well as concierge and towel services. Representatives of MCS met with DLNR officials shortly following the cease and desist order. At that meeting, DLNR admitted that regulations, as they are currently written, are unclear and there is no required special permit to rent out beach furniture and cabanas from a private property. Therefore, it was determined that MCS was/is not in violation of any current laws. During the meeting, the DLNR rescinded the cease and desist order as it was issued in error. The DLNR informed MCS that they could resume business as usual, provided no presetting of the beach furniture and cabanas on the beach. To-date, the Whaler Pool Hale is free to resume normal operations.

Should the rules regarding beach furniture and cabanas be clarified and/or updated by DLNR in the future, MCS will comply with any/all new requirements.

Answer Posted 1/30/18
AOAO Management