Q1: Why do we have to dethatch the grass every year?

A: First let’s answer what thatch is; Thatch is a layer of dead roots or plant matter, kind of like a dense, tightly woven material. If thatch is allowed to build up it will deter water from penetrating to the healthy root system. Water carries fertilizers and other nutrients needed for healthy new growth. Dethatching is an integral part of grass maintenance which promotes a greener healthier lawn. Dethatching is an annual occurrence and is rotated between May and Sept.

Answer Posted: 7/31/13
Committee: Operations & Building


Q2: Why do we use Seashore Paspalum for our lawn?

A: 1) It is the ideal grass for properties near the ocean as the salt does not harm, damage, or kill paspalum. 2) It has a very clean and rich look when manicured.

Answer Posted: 11/14/13
Committee: Operations