Q1: What are we doing about the elevator noise?

A: The board has asked for costs for a gearless motor to be installed on one of the cars. We are also inquiring with ThyssenKrupp Elevator (TKE) on the feasibility of modifying the motor mounting plates and brackets.

Update: 10/07/19

A: We currently have a signed proposal authorizing Pyrotek to examine elevator equipment and give recommendations for noise reduction. In the interim we have installed timers to reduce the speed during night use when noise is most troublesome.

Answer Posting: 7/25/13
Committee: Building

Q2: What are we doing about the noise from Whalers Village?

A: Stanley Yu from the Department Of Health (DOH) took a noise survey of the WV cooling tower and pump and found that if operated separately were within the maximum permissible sound levels, but if operated simultaneously exceeds the maximum permissible nighttime levels. Due to this, WV has agreed to turn off the pump at 10 pm each night to stay within the maximum permissible sound levels. The Whaler is working with WV to ensure compliance with county codes.

Update: 10/07/19

A: D.L. Adams, the premiere sound engineering firm in the country have been contracted by the AOAO to complete a site inspection in June of the daily noise we are experiencing from Whalers Village. Work done to date:

  • Built enclosure around our EF using sound proofing material (QRES)
  • WV’s maintenance built enclosure around water feature pump
  • WV has replaced noisy water pumps

Answer Posted: 7/25/13
Committee: Building