Here is suggested information on additional storage space here in Lahaina.

Here is the link to their blurb on their service:

They provide pick-up and delivery, using plastic containers, and also offer it for large bulky items. Here is the link to their pricing:

Price is dependant on the container size and is per year:

$99 for a keiki-size–17 gallons
$149 for a small one–27 gallons (3.6 cubic ft.)
$199 for a medium size–38 gallons (5.1 cubic ft.)
$259 for a large size–48 gallons (6/4 cubic ft.)
Oversized items such as golf clubs, Xmas trees, mountain bikes–call for pricing
Discounts for multiple containers
They currently provide this service for Owners at the Marriot and Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resorts.

Other Companies as well are:

(Note: Applicable Rates and Fee’s may change without prior notice, price is dependent of size of container and is per year)