Q1: When will the blue roof be painted?

A: When the paint on the buildings has reached its useful life they will be repainted. The Board approved the following resolution at the March 2013 meeting (from approved meeting minutes):



WHEREAS a recommendation was made to the Board of Directors

by the Exterior Renovation Committee (“ERC”) in early 2011 to paint the

Whaler with a three-color scheme (7A) that had been recommended to the

ERC and favored by professional design experts retained by the Whaler;

WHEREAS a decision was made and approved by the Board of Directors to accept the ERC’s recommendation to paint the Whaler with a three-color scheme (7A);

WHEREAS on July 26, 2011, after a portion of Tower I (including the 12th Floor lanai ceiling and the roof of the Tower I) had been painted in accordance with scheme 7A, further consultation by the ERC took place with the professional design experts who advised that they continued to favor scheme 7A, but also stated that either scheme 7A or 8A (currently painted on Tower II) would be acceptable;

WHEREAS on July 26, 2011, there was a Special Board of Directors Meeting, where by a vote of 5-4, the Board concluded it was not possible to properly evaluate the relative merits of the differing color schemes until the project was fully completed; that Honolulu Builders complete the project with the two-color plan on Tower II (8A), and leave the three-color plan intact on Tower I (7A); and that when the exterior renovation project was fully complete and the owners had an opportunity to see the completed renovation with all components in place, the Board of Directors would conduct a vote of Owners regarding their preferred color choice.

WHEREAS a vote of preferred color choice was taken by the Board of Directors in March and April 2012, after a substantial portion of the exterior renovation project had been completed (but without knowledge of the percentage of owners who had seen all or part of the substantially completed renovation, and without all renovation components in place);

WHEREAS the current exterior renovation painting of the Towers is complete, has been subjected to inspection and approval, and is under warranty;

WHEREAS further painting of the Tower I roof and 12th Floor lanai ceilings at this time: is not “required maintenance” or up-keep; would require the substantial expenditures of not less than $65,000; would require substantial activity on the roof of the Tower which recently has been replaced and is under warranty; would cause economic harm and/or interference to the use, rental, and enjoyment of Tower I condominiums, including those on the 12th, 11th, and 1st Floors;

WHEREAS the Board has complied with its decision on July 26, 2011;

It is THEREFORE RESOLVED that, no further action by the ERC or the Board is required in accordance with its July 26, 2011 decisions, and that further painting of Tower I will be performed at a time to be determined in the future when required painting is necessary during routine maintenance.



In Favor: Rudolph, Melsa, Achtenhagen, Cox, Purvis, Donahue

Abstained: Senior, Kline

Answer Posted: 7/25/13
Committee: Operations & Building