Q1: Why are some spaces in the garage being used for storage rather than for parking?

Answer: There are 4 storage areas in the garage as outlined below. From a property operational stand point they all serve a purpose and are necessary to our current operational needs.

Area #1: Landscaping- This space is used by the landscaping staff and also used for storing and securing landscape equipment. It houses in-ground sump pumps and fire lines. Taking this space away will not add any stalls as there is a medial strip that would hinder access to presumed added stalls.

Area #2: Paint and Pool Supply Storage- This area houses a filtration unit for the cooling towers and used for securing painting and pool supplies. The filtration cannot be removed. If the paint and pool supplies are moved, the remaining space would only allow for 2 inactive, long-term permanent parking stalls and these would be 3/4 the length of a full stall. We would be left to find securable space for pool and painting supplies. All Lower Level rooms are currently occupied by tenants or have been converted into Owner Locker Rooms, therefore we would be hard-pressed to find any alternative storage areas.

Area #3: Storage & Staging Area- This area has been cleaned out and reorganized to add additional stalls We do need space for storage of non-hazardous material and equipment, along with temporary staging for project materials. Therefore, intermittent use of stalls will be necessary depending on ongoing projects.

Area #4: Fire Pump Area- This area needs to be secured and fenced off due to the sensitivity of the pumps and fire panel. We have maximized that space and will continue to use it for additional storage.

Answer Posted: 1/28/14
Answer Updated: 1/5/15
Committee: Operations