Q1: Why did we stop having the Sunset Social events (Mai Tai parties)?

A: We are required by the Department of Health to use licensed caterers for the sunset social events. In 2013 the Operations Committee estimated that it would cost $37,000 per year to put them on twice a month, making it cost prohibitive to continue having them.

Answer Posted: 11/27/13
Committee: Operations

Update on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 10:53AM
Q2: Do we still have any kind of Owner Events?

A: In lieu of the Sunset Socials, an Owner Social Events Committee was created to support Owners to organize social events. The eventual goal is to hold an Owner Potluck Pupu party one night during Board Meeting week. Typically Board Meetings are held in September, December, March, and May. An Annual Homeowner’s Cookout will be planned during the Annual Homeowner’s Week in May, along with other Owner activities. (I.e. ice cream socials, sunset sail, tennis tournaments, etc.) We hope to get enough Owner volunteers to make these Owner events long standing traditions as they help to build goodwill and community. If you would like to volunteer for any of the Owner Events, please contact the AOAO.

Answer Posted: 1/5/15
Committee: Operations