Owner Storage

For those of you who have extra items that need to be stored or if you want to store items to provide the maximum space to your guest in your apartment, in the lower levels of each tower are Owner storage lockers.

Lockers are not assigned to an apartment. They are assigned to an Owner. If you are interested in a locker, please contact AOAO office.

Wine Lockers

We have wine lockers available. These storage lockers are located in Tower 2 only. If you are interested in a locker, please be sure to notify us as soon as possible, as storage is limited.

Bike Storage

There are bike storage slots open in the Lower Level of Tower 1 & Tower 2. If you are interested in bike storage, please do so quickly, to ensure a slot.

Please use Locker Agreement, Wine Locker Agreement, or the Bike Storage form. You may also contact ownerservices@kaanapaliwhaler.com to confirm your locker or be placed on a waitlist.

Keys for Full-Time & TIOA Owners

Full Time Owners: It is beneficial to go to the Security, or AOAO Office to obtain your owners FOB key. This key is a an all access pass to your unit, locker room, and all common areas.

TIOA Owners: Keys for your apartment can be obtained at the front desk upon check-in. This card key serves as an all access pass to your unit, locker room, and all common areas.

Owners Closets: The Owner’s closet within your apartment may be keyed on a ‘hard’ key (ASSA) system. If this is the case, and you need a spare key made, please visit Island Lock & Safe.

You can help Security or the AOAO team be more efficient with their time by calling ahead to order your keys so they can be ready for you when you arrive or have keys dropped off at the front desk for your convenience.

Energy Conservation

The beauty of the islands are stunning. The majestic landscape and spiritual presence of the islands are just a few of the reasons people choose to live or visit Maui.

The Whaler recognizes the natural beauty as well as the limited resources of our beautiful islands. We want to encourage each of our Owners and Guests to enjoy all that Maui has to offer while becoming energy consciencious. We encourage you and your guest to practice energy awareness.

Some areas we could be “Energy Conscience” are:

  • Lights: Turn off any lights not in use and turn them off when you leave your apartment.
  • Air Conditioning: When you leave your apartment, turn your thermostat to a comfortable 74° – 78° .
  • Towels: We encourage you to use your towels more than once and request towels only when needed. Currently, The Whaler hands out over 300 beach towels per day at a laundry cost of over $70,000 per year.

We appreciate your cooperation and encourage you to communicate this to your guests.

Photovoltaic System

Cable Television

All Units 1-833-697-7328

Special Individual Accounts Opened by Owners   1-855-855-8679

Here are the latest channel guides:

Regarding Upgraded Services:

Bulk Video Service

  • “Spectrum TVTM Platinum”
  • Premium Service(s): HBO & DVR Service

Regarding DVR Billing:

The DVRs will be included with your maintenance fees once installation of DVRs in all units is complete, during the upcoming bulk installation. The new upgraded services, per a revised contract with Spectrum, will take effect once the bulk installation is complete for the entire property. Until then, Owners continue to pay for their DVRs and any additional channels not covered under the current agreement on their own. If you already have DVRs, then you will keep your existing DVRs. The contractors will not install new ones where DVRs already exist. The billing should change once we cut over to the new contract. The bulk installation will hopefully be completed before the end of August, if all goes well. If bulk installation is completed in August, starting September, the DVRs will be paid for by AOAO. If your billing does not adjust for September services and onward, please let the AOAO know.

 New Channel Line-up

If you want more selections, you or your guest can upgrade your service directly with Spectrum.

Upgraded services include additional HD converter boxes, pay per view, and any other premium services available.

If you or your guests subscribe to these upgraded services, you must make arrangements directly with Spectrum by setting up an account to charge to and adding a converter box.

Please remember if you do so, you are responsible directly to Spectrum for payment of these extra services.

Equipment drop off will have to be scheduled, therefore you may want to call ahead of your arrival to make the necessary arrangements.

To order these services you can call Spectrum customer service at 808-643-0877.

Hi-Speed Internet

Hi-Speed internet connectivity is available in the apartments. Spectrum provides this service through the cable service. Please note that any Internet connections through the phone line is a dial up service and may result in a charge for long distance charges.

The hi-speed modem is generally located near the television. Instructions are provided in the apartments. Should you experience any problems with this service, call Spectrum.


On your wireless device (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, streaming device), open the WiFi settings and select the appropriate 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz network to connect. You will be prompted to enter the password provided by front desk.

Bulk Internet Service
Bulk Internet Access Service

  • “Spectrum InternetTM Ultra” Service (currently 400Mb x 20Mb, but could change)

Tip: Should you use 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz?
5 GHz is a faster network speed, but has a shorter wireless range.
2.4 GHz has a longer wireless range, but has a slower speed.

 Wi-Fi Connect Tutorial

Western Windows Supplemental Information

Should you need additional information regarding the Western Window installed during the exterior renovation work 2011-2012 please click the follwing links:

Glass Slider Agreement and Warranty
Care and Maintenance
Additional Warranty Information


For Care and Maintenance instructions, visit:


For Limited Lifetime Warranty information, visit:

AC Vent Cleaning