Rules & Policies

Owner Contact Information

Please complete the Owner Contact Information form to provide us with your contact information so we can contact you regarding your unit.

Authorization to Enter Unit

Security needs your authorization to allow entry or provide keys to your apartment for your contractors.

Pleae use this Authorization to Enter Unit form. Contact information on where to send the form are at the bottom of the form.

If you are having furniture, appliance, and other items delivered, you must notify Security and provide authorization if Security will have to provide them access.

You must notify Security even when you are providing a key to your contractor. Keeping Security informed will avoid unnecessary hold ups and questions. Please give Security adequate notice when you are having a contractor enter your apartment.

Email Communications Request

Please help us save Time, Paper, & Postage. In return you will receive AOAO notices faster, and you will get a weekly photo update of the improvements being made here at The Whaler. Please note the following:

  1. This is voluntary.
  2. By giving your name, unit #, and email address , you consent to having The Whaler AOAO offices send Whaler notices and information to your email address.
  3. Be assured that your email address will not be given to others.

In order to get your information via email, please email us directly at: Please include your name and unit #.

Enforcement of Owner Obligations

Rental Agent

Chapter 521, section 43 of the Hawai’i Revised Statutes, requires all owners who rent to have an on-island representative.

Any owner or landlord who resides outside the State of Hawai’i or on another island from where the rental unit is located shall designate on the written rental agreement an agent who resides on the same island where the unit is located to act in the owner’s or landlord’s behalf.

This requirement is often fulfilled by one’s rental agent.

If you do not have a rental agent, please designate a rental agent and provide the information to the Association on the form provided below.

Owner’s Rental Agent Form

Rental Guest Reservation Procedure

If you are renting your unit, keep in mind the following useful information:

Resort Amenities Fee: $25 + tax

Notification of Guest Arrival
*Please use this form when sending reservation information

Send your arrival and your guest arrival information to:
2481 Ka’anapali Pkwy
Lahaina, HI 96761
Attn: Reservations
Phone: 808-661-4861 ask for reservations.
Fax: 808-661-8315 Attn: Reservations
Email :

For whole unit Owners and/or rental management agents, in order to provide you with the best response to your reservation needs, we kindly ask that you email all reservation and unit occupancy information to Henry Quinsaat, our on-property Reservations Manager, and our on-island Reservations support Team at the following addresses:, Whaler Reservations Manager Please email the above two addresses with all future reservation or unit occupancy information for Owner Use, Owner Guest Use, or Owner Referral inquires at least 2 weeks in advance or as soon as you have a new reservation to update in our system. For Whaler TIOA Unit Owners, please notify TIOA Management to confirm your apartment occupancy information. For all other reservation needs or questions, please feel free to call the Guest Services Team directly at 808-661-6000 and we would be delighted to assist you.

Independent Maid Service Requirements

All independent (off-site) maid services must fulfill the Board requirement outlined in the Independent Maid Service Form.

Maid services are required to provide insurance, an indemnity agreement, contact information, photo I.D. and MSDS to the Association before being allowed to perform maid services at The Whaler. The form also provides some guidelines for the maid service in which to operate within while on property. These requirements are designed to protect you, the maid service, and the Association. You or your maid service can contact the Association office directly for questions regarding this policy.

Here are a list of Maid Companies that are already AOAO compliant. This list is not a reccomendation, simply a tool and contact list.

Recreational Area Use Guidelines

You can download the Recreational Area Use Guidelines.

Bed Bug Policy

Please click here to view our Bed Bug Policy

Please click here to view the Ecolab Bed Bug Policy

* You are welcome to use other companies for treatment, however, please check with the association to see if all information needed is on file.

Meeting Room/ Wedding Policy & Forms

If you are interested in using the AOAO Meeting Room please click here to view the Meeting Room Policy and Procedures. Should you have any questions, you may contact Owner Services at 808 661 6003 or email We look forward to your event.

Wedding Events Policy

Please click here to view our Wedding Events Policy & Procedures.
Please click here for the Wedding Events Application.

Vendor Service Provider Work Rules

Furniture Donation Policy 07.20.22

Owners Locker Agreement